Aerial Cine provide services in the air as well as being equally equipped and experienced in ground based filming. We can deliver straight from camera shots or edit all media for you and deliver the finished product. With all bases being covered, Aerial Cine offer an end-to-end solution for your filming and photography needs. We can scale our service both in terms of equipment and manpower to suit almost any size of production.

Ground Based Filming

Stabilised Systems

Our base rig for providing smooth moving shots is the Freefly Movi M15 coupled with a Ready Rig GS harness system. The M15 motorised gimbal system provides stabilised shooting for a variety of cameras from DSLR to RED and ARRI, giving stunning results, while the Ready Rig provides additional stability and a wider range of shot options. Also in the kit bag, through our partners, we can also provide cable systems and SteadyCam operators for heavier cameras.

We also have a DJI Ronin S, Its small form factor makes it great for getting creative shots or working in fast paced environments or smaller video production.

For fixed position shots with movement, we have multiple motion-control slider units capable of ultra smooth tripod/desktop shots to match the look and feel of the footage being shot on the move. These systems are automated and programable, so are also capable of capturing fantastic time-lapses. 


Camera and Recording

We carry a number of Sony Alpha based systems in-house which can be configured to suit production in any environment. Paired with our Sonys', we have a full range of prime Cine lenses, G Master primes and Follow focus systems to operate them. To make the most of the camera systems we use, recording can be handled by a linked Atomos recorder monitors which produces stunning 4K 8-10bit HDR ProRes footage. This entire system interchangeable with our stabilised systems, shoulder rigs and fixed/tripod equipment. As above, we can scale up production to include more advanced Cinema cameras on request.

Aerial Rigs

Lee Fields flies the sub 7kg category class of UAV and carry multiple aircraft of each type to ensure resilience on any job. I match the rig to the job to ensure suitability for your project and maintain budget at the same time. If you require a heavy lift rig over 7KG to carry bigger camera's, we can cater for that as well (see below). 

DJI Inspire 2

The Inspire 2 aircraft with the X7 S35mm camera is the most advanced in its class. The footage quality has been directly compared to the ARRI and RED cinema cameras but on smaller aircraft than historically needed, blurring the the lines between sub 7KG and heavy lift drones. With up to 6K UHD CinemaDNG RAW as well as ProRes delivery, it provides feature film quality footage and has a 24 Megpixel stills capability. Its speed and stability ensures silky smooth shots even during challenging wind conditions or high speed filming (up to 60mph). It can be operated as a single pilot unit or for more challenging shots, a cameraman can be added to control the camera gimbal independently. The camera itself can shoot at various focal lengths thanks to its ability to swap out lenses, of which we carry a full compliment to ensure the shot matches what the production requires. The Inspire 2 also boasts a range of options and connections for supplying a high quality live broadcast feed that can be added to an existing ground camera unit to be edited live, or output through social media. 


We have two of these fantastic aircraft in our inventory and enough batteries and on-location charging to keep the aircraft in the air all day long.


Heavy Lift Rigs

For the most demanding of aerial work, we employ trusted partners and manage the project to which ever scale is required. From lifting large cameras like RED, ARRI and BlackMagic for film production, to DSLR's with long zoom focal lengths for challenging still photography jobs, we can cover it.

Editing and Post Production

If you require us to deliver a project from beginning-to-end, Aerial Cine can  deliver your final finished project. We boast a full spec Mac Pro based editing suite running dual 32" 4K True UHD monitors, BM Design control panel and high speed SSD based storage. Editing, colour correction to delivery are all handled through Adobe suite and BM DaVinci Resolve for stunning results. We can handle all aspects of Titles, VFX, music licensing, composing/scoring/sound design and output to the formats of your choice.