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Aerial Cine provide services in the air as well as being equally equipped and experienced in ground based filming. We can deliver straight from camera shots or edit all media for you and deliver the finished product. With all bases being covered, Aerial Cine offer an end-to-end solution for your filming and photography needs. We can scale our service both in terms of equipment and manpower to suit almost any size of production.

Ground Based Filming

We carry a number of Sony FX Cineline series cameras in-house, which can be configured to suit a production in any environment. Paired with our Sonys', we have a full range of Cine prime lenses, G series autofocus lenses and Follow focus systems to operate them.


To make the most of the camera systems we use, dual-recording can also be handled by a linked our Atomos monitors which can record stunning 4K 10bit 4:2:2 ProRes HQ footage as well as delivering full 16bit RAW capability if required. This entire system is interchangeable with our stabilised systems/gimbals, shoulder rigs and fixed/tripod equipment. As above, we can scale up production to include more advanced Cinema cameras on request.

Aerial Rigs

Lee Fields holds multiple CAA approved qualifications for the safe, commercial use of UAS in media capture as can bring multiple aircraft types to bear to suit the scale of your production. These include the latest DJI prosumer/professional line aircraft, to more dedicated heavy lift aircraft when use of Cine cameras are required. Specialist permissions can be applied for filming in high risk areas to ensure safe and legal operations where additional restrictions apply (cities, airports etc).

Editing and Post Production

If you require us to deliver a project from beginning-to-end, Aerial Cine can  deliver your final finished project. We boast a full spec M1 Mac based editing suite running dual 32" 4K True UHD monitors, BM Design control panel and high speed SSD NAS based storage. Editing, colour correction to delivery are all handled through Adobe suite and BM DaVinci Resolve for stunning results. We can handle all aspects of Titles, VFX, music licensing, composing/scoring/sound design and output to the formats of your choice. 

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